Corporate Moving

Corporate moves are difficult and time sensitive moves.  Whether you are moving employees from one place to another or your actual office equipment, documents, furniture etc., Homeland Moving and Storage can assist you.  We have been helping our corporate customers for many years with success. 

Office equipment:  Moving all your furniture, equipment, sensitive data, computers can be a monumental task.  Moving your office can translate into interruptions in your day to day business which can be sometimes detrimental. Homeland Moving and Storage has the expertise to help you move your office efficiently and swiftly, with the least amount of interruption to the workings of your business.  Our moving consultants have done it hundreds of times and are experts in the process and time saving techniques. We understand that your office equipment needs to reach the new destination safely and securely and we strive to provide the best possible options for the move.  The transition can be seamless and efficient with our team on your side. We have the flexibility to move according to your schedule to minimize the downtime to your business operations.  Our packages for full or partial packing of equipment are flexible so you choose whether you would like us to assist you with the packing completely or just with the larger pieces.  We can move during the week or weekends, whatever suits you the best.  We have the expertise to pack and unpack your office equipment securely and on schedule so that you can be up and running in no time.  If there is a time lapse and you require storage on the way, we provide long and short-term storage as well.  We can help you through the complete process so that you worry about your clients and we worry about moving your office!

Employees:  Your employees are the most important assets of your company.  We understand that and we provide the same service to moving your employees that we would to any other non-corporate family.  We provide the same services such as packing, inventory lists, working with flexibility of schedules, tracking the shipment etc. so that your employees reach their destination worry free and ready to get back to work on your schedule.  We offer group discounts for corporations, therefore, it is more economical for you to move multiple employees.


A summary of our services:

  • Full or partial packing services
  • Flexibility with schedules and time frames
  • Packing and moving of employees and office equipment and furniture
  • Long and short-term storage solutions
  • Long distance and local moving packages
  • Corporate packages for every budget
  • A team of expert movers at your disposal on the day of the move